High Pressure

8 02 2012

High Pressure is such an interesting pair of words. Going back to work? Less fun high pressure. A weather system in February? PURE AWESOME high pressure. We had a bunch of perfect sunshine-see every detail of every mountain-50 something degree days over the last week. What’s even better about those days is they fell on my days to spend with CJ.

We spent the morning playing at the Children’s Museum, which is a total blast! I highly recommend you visit if you have wee ones and are in the Seattle area. I’d say we explored about 1/3 of it in the two hours we were there. We had a special obsession with the “cork box” – a sandbox full of broken cork and stuffed turtles and other accouterments that left my child giddy with joy for at least 45 minutes. Maybe next time we’ll hit up the rest of the museum!

After his “nap” we headed off to the beach to take some pictures throw some rocks and catch a sunset.

First, we hang out amongst all the logs and observe all the chaos that a warm, sunny February day brings in the Pacific Northwest. We can get a little crazy. Most wear inappropriate clothes (you can’t see the 6 year old kid behind CJ who is in friggin underwear – it’s warm for Feb, but it’s STILL 49°) and act really crazy. Traffic gets horrible everywhere and best of all, people smile at you for no good reason.

Then we decide to use our new language skills and point at or pick up everything while saying it’s name 1500 times (in question form for good measure).

Then we grunt and moan and whine while mommy asks 14,000 questions waiting patiently for their beach buddy to say “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah??!!” and head toward whiney direction…the water.

Because all things should be picked up and dropped in the bigger pond of something liquid. Grilled cheese square? Drop it in the soup. Goldfish? In the pot of boiling pasta. Rocks & pebbles? In mommy’s drink. Or the Puget Sound. You get the idea.

We could do this until the choo choo comes home.

Unless of course the choo choo is so exciting, that it causes you to fall face first into the seaweed sludge and rocks. And your mom is cruel enough to take a picture of you (after making sure you aren’t actually hurt, of course) while you are clearly in distress.

After we snuggled, talked about the choo choo and cleaned up his face, he was obsessed with getting back to the “awa” to throw some more rocks. His mama was not stopping him.

We repeated the routine over and over…

As we watched the beautiful sunshine…

Take one final dip for the day behind the Olympic Mountains.

Our days have definitely become more action packed and adventurous. Carter is starting to take some more risks, he’s getting more comfortable with walking, and is talking more than a 13 year old girl at the movie theater. More on that vocab later…




One response

10 02 2012

Great post ! Love the photos… except one made me sad… He was almost holding the sun in some of those.

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