Day Doo

21 02 2012

No, this post is not about pottying. I’m not one of those parents (ok, I totally am. In fact I think I’ve posted about potty at least twice). This post is all about my buddy’s dictionary. He’s got so many great words, I need to write them down because they are changing so quickly.

day doo (thank you): The other day a kind lady opened the door for him and Carter marched on through and (without prompting) said “day doo!” ♥

oshide (outside): He asks to go oshide all the time. What’s great is he says “oshide?! yeah!?”. My favorite little trick of his lately is when he comes up with an idea to go do something “pooooow?! yeah!?” and adds the yeah at the end. It’s a little excited question mark at the end of it all hoping you’ll add your own yeah right in there. It cracks me up every time I hear a “yeah!?”

babow (butter): Me: do you want butter on your toast? CJ: babow. yeah?!

pooooow? (pouch): Kid’s obsessed with veggie pouches. OBSESSED. At least he gets his fruits and veggies, right?

baybee (belly button): He loves to stick his finger in my belly button and say “baybee?” For a while there, I was really offended and thought my kid thought I was a little too thick in the middle and saying I had a baby in there.

noyse (nurse): Said with much more frequency and urgency (and with a few tears) these days since I officially weaned him this past weekend.

gaahgo (gotta go): As soon as he decides he needs to do something else he’ll say “gotta go” and get on the move quickly.

pweeeeeeeeese (please): We’re using our pleases so often now!

bupple? (bubble): This is how we got over our fear of baths. Daddy is a bubble machine while mommy washes the dirty baby. Now we cannot have a bath without bupples.

awa (agua): We’re not sure about this, but he doesn’t use the word water at all, but does use agua/awa. No one explicitly taught him this, so we think he’s a genius and learning Spanish on his own.

ama (airplane): Sitting inside having lunch and you hear  jet overhead? No? Carter does. And he’ll point up and tell you.

zhooooop? (soup): His favorite food in all the land is a lentil vegetable soup. It’s loaded with spinach, carrots, green beans, onions and garlic. He gets furious if you don’t offer him the whole can of soup.  And you pay the price if you cave to his “pweeeeeeeese?” because he’ll be up all night with a gassy tummy. And his daydoo will remind you of all these things the next day (there you go, I’m talking potty).

moooooon (moon): Every evening we step oshide to check the mail and say goodbye to his nanny (lots of kiss blowing and buh byes). Once she is gone, we begin our hunt for the moon. If it is not visible due to clouds (check: it’s february) or not int he right place on the horizon he says “uhoh! uhoh? ooooh no! mooooon?” until we go inside and read the moon book.

bah (bus): Said with glee every time a noisy bus passes by.

gock (clock): He apparently knows where every clock in the city is. If we’ve been somewhere before and start to walk in the door he’s already saying “gock? gock?” over and over and pointing because he knows it will be there. I get regular indian rug burns from him while tries to examine my arm clock.

bopple (apple): Loves to eat bopples.

biapah (diaper): In the morning he talks all about his biapahs.

melmo (elmo): Especially his biapahs that have melmo on them.

nigh nigh (night night): Carter’s indication that he is tired. He makes sleepy sounds and curls up on the floor.

neeklash (necklace): We love to grab on to mommy’s neeklash.

oof oof (woof woof): What dogs say.

cheeew cheeew (choo choo!): He knows where ALL the train tracks are in the city before we do. With the nanny, they pulled up to the park that happens to have a bridge where you can stand over the tracks to watch them go under. He was choo choo’ing all the way through the parking lot and she kept telling him there were no trains there. Little did she know…

a bee jaa (space needle): He recently went up in the space needle and rode on the monorail downtown. now when he goes to the children’s museum (under the space needle) he points as soon as he sees it and says “a bee jaa!” over and over along with…

wooooooooow: He’s been saying wow (the extended version) like everything is the coolest thing he’s ever seen. Over Christmas when he was waking up in new places every day he would say “woooooooooow” every morning.





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21 02 2012

Sweet boy! Love hearing all his new words. Can’t believe how fast he’s growing up.

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