Carter’s Dictionary

22 03 2012

We have new words all the time around these parts. Sometimes, he’ll say a word for days on end before we figure out what he means. In fact, for an entire 90 minutes on the way home from Whistler, he said “awa” which is not “agua” (water), “ama” (airplane), or “applah” (applesauce). Over. And over again. For 90 minutes. We still haven’t figured out what it means, but I guess he didn’t need it that bad.

pultzopp???? (said with sincere urgency): yogurt covered pretzel. child goes to bed and wakes talking about these darn things. i think he’s eaten maybe 10 in his whole life, but in his mind he could subsist on them and them alone.

kaydubaba: tortilla. yeah. maybe he calls tortillas quesidallas? who knows?

bees?: beans. he’s got a mom from san antonio. the boy knows beans.

hup may: help me. said while signing his version of “help.” meant for “help me get on this chair. help me open this pouch. help me get a pultzopp! help me destroy your house in 2 seconds!”

maymay?: mimi

potop?: pop pop

boid: bird

copzah: helicopter. he can differentiate the sound between the helicopter and airplane before he sees them. i love that.

rock???: rock. OBSESSED WITH ROCKS (boy rock sale, jessica??).

Y’all have probably stopped reading. But I need a place to store my little CJ dictionary. It’s so fun to hear his new words. He grows up too fast.




2 responses

25 03 2012

It means I want!

26 03 2012

How that’s taken on a new meaning since having boys!

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