Day Doo

21 02 2012

No, this post is not about pottying. I’m not one of those parents (ok, I totally am. In fact I think I’ve posted about potty at least twice). This post is all about my buddy’s dictionary. He’s got so many great words, I need to write them down because they are changing so quickly.

day doo (thank you): The other day a kind lady opened the door for him and Carter marched on through and (without prompting) said “day doo!” ♥

oshide (outside): He asks to go oshide all the time. What’s great is he says “oshide?! yeah!?”. My favorite little trick of his lately is when he comes up with an idea to go do something “pooooow?! yeah!?” and adds the yeah at the end. It’s a little excited question mark at the end of it all hoping you’ll add your own yeah right in there. It cracks me up every time I hear a “yeah!?”

babow (butter): Me: do you want butter on your toast? CJ: babow. yeah?!

pooooow? (pouch): Kid’s obsessed with veggie pouches. OBSESSED. At least he gets his fruits and veggies, right?

baybee (belly button): He loves to stick his finger in my belly button and say “baybee?” For a while there, I was really offended and thought my kid thought I was a little too thick in the middle and saying I had a baby in there.

noyse (nurse): Said with much more frequency and urgency (and with a few tears) these days since I officially weaned him this past weekend.

gaahgo (gotta go): As soon as he decides he needs to do something else he’ll say “gotta go” and get on the move quickly.

pweeeeeeeeese (please): We’re using our pleases so often now!

bupple? (bubble): This is how we got over our fear of baths. Daddy is a bubble machine while mommy washes the dirty baby. Now we cannot have a bath without bupples.

awa (agua): We’re not sure about this, but he doesn’t use the word water at all, but does use agua/awa. No one explicitly taught him this, so we think he’s a genius and learning Spanish on his own.

ama (airplane): Sitting inside having lunch and you hear  jet overhead? No? Carter does. And he’ll point up and tell you.

zhooooop? (soup): His favorite food in all the land is a lentil vegetable soup. It’s loaded with spinach, carrots, green beans, onions and garlic. He gets furious if you don’t offer him the whole can of soup.  And you pay the price if you cave to his “pweeeeeeeese?” because he’ll be up all night with a gassy tummy. And his daydoo will remind you of all these things the next day (there you go, I’m talking potty).

moooooon (moon): Every evening we step oshide to check the mail and say goodbye to his nanny (lots of kiss blowing and buh byes). Once she is gone, we begin our hunt for the moon. If it is not visible due to clouds (check: it’s february) or not int he right place on the horizon he says “uhoh! uhoh? ooooh no! mooooon?” until we go inside and read the moon book.

bah (bus): Said with glee every time a noisy bus passes by.

gock (clock): He apparently knows where every clock in the city is. If we’ve been somewhere before and start to walk in the door he’s already saying “gock? gock?” over and over and pointing because he knows it will be there. I get regular indian rug burns from him while tries to examine my arm clock.

bopple (apple): Loves to eat bopples.

biapah (diaper): In the morning he talks all about his biapahs.

melmo (elmo): Especially his biapahs that have melmo on them.

nigh nigh (night night): Carter’s indication that he is tired. He makes sleepy sounds and curls up on the floor.

neeklash (necklace): We love to grab on to mommy’s neeklash.

oof oof (woof woof): What dogs say.

cheeew cheeew (choo choo!): He knows where ALL the train tracks are in the city before we do. With the nanny, they pulled up to the park that happens to have a bridge where you can stand over the tracks to watch them go under. He was choo choo’ing all the way through the parking lot and she kept telling him there were no trains there. Little did she know…

a bee jaa (space needle): He recently went up in the space needle and rode on the monorail downtown. now when he goes to the children’s museum (under the space needle) he points as soon as he sees it and says “a bee jaa!” over and over along with…

wooooooooow: He’s been saying wow (the extended version) like everything is the coolest thing he’s ever seen. Over Christmas when he was waking up in new places every day he would say “woooooooooow” every morning.



TFiCH (Things Found in Carter’s Hamper)

20 02 2012

Interesting one this week with a high powered LED flashlight (sorry, PopPop but the kid loves flashlights) and the holder for my bike tire pump. Seems like that should belong on my bike in the garage. But when I ask CJ questions, I usually get a response of “yeah?!” (not helpful). Don’t forget the horsey house slippers and the ever-present boot.

flashlight, bike tire pump, horsey slippers, booooot(?!)

Things Found in Carter’s Hamper

10 02 2012

My child has this little obsession with putting things in things. Apparently it’s common. But watch out. Don’t leave ANYTHING lying around. It will promptly be put in the washer, dryer, hamper, trash, recycling…. It actually comes in quite handy to have him load the washer and dryer for me these days. Mama has a pretty much full time job times 2. So. Maybe this is a new series (yeah, yeah, those have gone real well over here at lpod before!)…

vegetable noodles, whale shoe, handles to a sippie we don't have anymore, some fake weeble, boot, dirt mover, alaska moose magnet

High Pressure

8 02 2012

High Pressure is such an interesting pair of words. Going back to work? Less fun high pressure. A weather system in February? PURE AWESOME high pressure. We had a bunch of perfect sunshine-see every detail of every mountain-50 something degree days over the last week. What’s even better about those days is they fell on my days to spend with CJ.

We spent the morning playing at the Children’s Museum, which is a total blast! I highly recommend you visit if you have wee ones and are in the Seattle area. I’d say we explored about 1/3 of it in the two hours we were there. We had a special obsession with the “cork box” – a sandbox full of broken cork and stuffed turtles and other accouterments that left my child giddy with joy for at least 45 minutes. Maybe next time we’ll hit up the rest of the museum!

After his “nap” we headed off to the beach to take some pictures throw some rocks and catch a sunset.

First, we hang out amongst all the logs and observe all the chaos that a warm, sunny February day brings in the Pacific Northwest. We can get a little crazy. Most wear inappropriate clothes (you can’t see the 6 year old kid behind CJ who is in friggin underwear – it’s warm for Feb, but it’s STILL 49°) and act really crazy. Traffic gets horrible everywhere and best of all, people smile at you for no good reason.

Then we decide to use our new language skills and point at or pick up everything while saying it’s name 1500 times (in question form for good measure).

Then we grunt and moan and whine while mommy asks 14,000 questions waiting patiently for their beach buddy to say “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah??!!” and head toward whiney direction…the water.

Because all things should be picked up and dropped in the bigger pond of something liquid. Grilled cheese square? Drop it in the soup. Goldfish? In the pot of boiling pasta. Rocks & pebbles? In mommy’s drink. Or the Puget Sound. You get the idea.

We could do this until the choo choo comes home.

Unless of course the choo choo is so exciting, that it causes you to fall face first into the seaweed sludge and rocks. And your mom is cruel enough to take a picture of you (after making sure you aren’t actually hurt, of course) while you are clearly in distress.

After we snuggled, talked about the choo choo and cleaned up his face, he was obsessed with getting back to the “awa” to throw some more rocks. His mama was not stopping him.

We repeated the routine over and over…

As we watched the beautiful sunshine…

Take one final dip for the day behind the Olympic Mountains.

Our days have definitely become more action packed and adventurous. Carter is starting to take some more risks, he’s getting more comfortable with walking, and is talking more than a 13 year old girl at the movie theater. More on that vocab later…

Mr. Independent

6 02 2012

Carter has been walking a little here and there since October. But he isn’t always super confident about it. He really wouldn’t walk in public or outside a place where he was super comfortable. Until recently. And now, he gets REALLY MAD if you try to put him in a wagon or stroller. You say “wanna walk?” and he says (in the midst of wailing about the wagon) “yeeeeeeeeeeeah?!!” He also has taken to pushing your hand away when you offer it.

And so it begins…


Classic Christmas

21 12 2011

what the.... mom???

CJ got a chance to see Santa while we were at the Seattle airport recently. At our gate, Southwest had a Santa, some photographers from the Microsoft Live Essentials team and absolutely no line.

white beard, how can you smile at a time like this?

I’m not sure he was as excited about the experience as I was…

half smile half cry, maybe she'll come get me

He fussed in hopes Scott or I might rescue him. He gave these looks of desperation and his little nose got red.

next person in line, please?

But he toughened up and tolerated the old guy with the bushy beard for a few more shots.

she's gonna leave me here forever, i think

Maybe he was really upset because his shoes were in my bag instead of on his feet. You know, toddlers have to take off their shoes when they go through security as well.

I’ll admit. I was disappointed we didn’t get the classic screaming toddler with Santa picture. Those are so great 20+ years down the road. There’s always hope for next year. Thanks Southwest & Microsoft for our awesome Santa pics for 2011!

Merry Christmas!


One Billy Goats Gruff

9 12 2011

First off…

Well, I couldn’t decide my first off, so … well …

1) Apologies in advance. Every single picture in this post came from my cell phone. You’ll understand later.
2) I’ve been gone a long time. In fact, this might be the longest I’ve been gone from my blog since starting it in 2007. I’ve missed it, but been “stuck.” I hope to be back and posting funny. Because I have a lot of funny going on around here these days. I hope you haven’t given up on me and will keep reading!

As it turns out, I have a billy goat on my hands. It started out with just a little bit of climbing. One day I walked into his room and found him sitting in the glider rocking it so hard he was crashing it into the wall reading a book. I was so shocked, I didn’t take a picture. But he also loves to climb his chair.

appropriate, harmless climbing

Then it was the ottoman (including a jump to the chair belonging to said ottoman).

pushing the limits a bit, but a kid's gotta learn

Then it was the music table.

i make better music this way, mommy

And sometimes the coffee table. Only once it was the kitchen table…through his pile of chili over a baked potato. And tonight he took it to a whole new level. I’m of the camp that if after a few firm “no’s” that if your child does not steer clear of the dangerous activity, you do your best to scare the pants off them about said dangerous activity (this should play out real well in about 15 years, right?). He simply cannot be scared by the stovetop. He thinks it’s great. My attempt at scaring him into staying off the stovetop today resulted in a few tears. Then some straight up laughing and a return trip to the stove.

(note: the next four pictures were taken within a 70 minute span)

yep. you scared the pants off me mama. but it didn't work.

Once dinner was over, he returned to the scene of the many crimes committed ( and climbed all over his high chair.

i like being tall!

And then, when we are ready for bed and reading books in his room, he became obsessed with the frog humidifier. So he pulled out his parking garage to get a little lift up there.

i need to see why you let the frog smoke in my room

And of course, we need to look behind the glider to see what’s back there. I mean, why look behind it while on the floor. Let’s stand on the chair, let it recline all the way and rock it so we can REALLY see what’s going on back there.

what kind of crazy loud machine lives behind my rocker?

So you can see why I’ve not been blogging as of late. I’ve been chasing this maniac around my house non stop for a couple of months. Also the reason for only cell phone pics. If I move to find a camera, he just might die. Kidding. Kind of. This kid is full of amazing amounts of energy and is just so darn curious. It’s amazing. And exhausting. And we’re just getting started.

In other news, he’s really been walking at home. In public, he doesn’t really care for it. He’ll stand there for a long time before dropping to his knees and crawling. Maybe it’s the chunky shoes? Soft shoes are just not warm enough for these cold fall days.

i'll outlast you in this cold, mom. i will.

He loves accessories. Mommy’s sunglasses. Mommy’s hat. Mommy’s earrings. Mommy’s nose. Yeah. All of it.

he wears his sunglasses at night. but it's really day. but dark. crazy seattle.

His sleep has improved. We still have some inconsistent nights and naps are still a total crapshoot, but I took this below picture at 7:32 one morning and the flash didn’t even wake him! Can I get a wha wha?!

who said: the sweetest child is a sleeping child?

He’s obsessed with his daddy. If he thinks dad is downstairs getting ready for work he sits there peeking under the door forever. If he knows he is in the office he throws his whole body against the door while yelling at the top of his lungs until daddy comes out. There is no deterring him from this.

dada. dada. dada. dada. dada.

HE’S NOT AFRAID OF THE BATH ANYMORE!!!! In fact, he insists on a bath every night these days. Tonight, (between high chair climbing and frog obsessing) we were doing NBT (naked bootie time) and he crawled to the bathroom and banged on the door hollering at me until I let him in and started the bath.

splash splash splash!

His favorite phrase is: leeko leeko leeko! No clue what it means, but boy does he love to say it. His favorite song is e-i-e-i-o.

He points at everything.

He could live on black beans and black beans alone if I would let him.

He prefers his food with a little kick. No habaneros yet, but he likes a lot of flavor (mama ate some seriously spicy food while pregnant).

He cracks himself up on a regular basis.

He loves to entertain himself in the mirror. He lifts up his shirt immediately to show off his belly button. Then he sticks his tongue out. Then he tries to close his eyes to see if his buddy is still looking at him. It’s pure awesome. I’ve yet to succeed getting it on film though. The camera comes out and the true action stops.

The merry-go-round is his favorite. He will sit on it while the big kids spin it, and lean inward (like physics says you should) when the spinning gets fast. He giggles non-stop and is not even remotely scared.

He loves to feed me. And wipe my nose. And offer me water from a sippy.

He’s sweet. SO sweet. He volunteers kisses now. Sometimes you might have to say “give mama a kiss” and he’ll run over and give you a good one. That little open mouth crackerful slobbery kiss totally makes my day.

So…that’s what we’ve been up to! Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season and ready for some good stories and fun with your family.