Making My Own Baby Food

27 04 2011

Okay, I’m not one of those crazy organic people who insists on everything we consume being organic. I try to serve us less processed foods, I like to know who grows our food when possible, and you all know how much I love to support the local businesses. That said, I’ve found myself being a bit more paranoid about the food I feed Carter. They say it will go away. Sort of like the “don’t even look at my baby unless you washed your hands” phase (which, I’m happy to report is *mostly* gone. Unless you are coming into our house from an office, a daycare, a grocery store, uh…ok, fine. But you don’t have to wash your hands a million times while in my house anymore!). Anyway, I digress.

I bought a few jars of organic (on sale for $1 a pop (holy cow, that’s pricey!)) food when we started introducing vegetables and fruits to CJ. The peas looked brown. They smelled okay. But they looked awful! And the spinach? It had ingredients other than spinach in it! What gives? So we hauled up one Sunday morning and went to the Ballard Farmer’s Market for some good fresh produce to make some spoils for CJ. I’m happy to report he likes all that I’ve made him so far. I’m looking forward to getting a little crazy with ingredients…but we have a couple of months before that can happen.

This batch was all steamed and puréed with the water in which it was steamed. No added ingredients. No preservatives. Just good colorful food!

fresh shelled english peas, pears, prunes, butternut squash

I tried many different ways of puréeing the steamed goods. First was my immersion blender. Love the thing, but didn’t get the consistency I really wanted on the peas or prunes. The skins were too tough. The food mill will be nice for traveling, but not very efficient for large batches of puréeing. I went ahead and brought out the best kitchen tool ever. My Cuisinart 14 cup Food Processor. I’m partial to the thing. It’s amazing. It did a perfect job with all the foods!

The best part? Each meal costs pennies. Not too shabby! I popped them in the freezer to make 2 tablespoon servings in each cube. I extract them from the freezing device and put them in Ziploc bags in the freezer after they’ve frozen.

qualified taste tester

Don’t worry. I took the blade out of the food processor before giving him the bowl to lick. He actually did lick it. He LOOOOOVES his pears.