CJ Turns One

2 10 2011

We threw a grand celebration for CJ for his first birthday. Okay, we had a few of Carter’s friends over and Mimi and Popop came up for his first birthday. No ponies or bounce houses. Or creepy clowns. *shudder*

mommy is not a cake decorator by trade (obviously)

There was mac and cheese (favorite food), cake, and lemonade. A perfect celebration for the sweetest little Lpod.

pinwheels, mac and cheese and a cute munchkin peeking over the table

Carter’s buddy Keane loves climbing into highchairs. It’s almost always the first place he goes when he gets here.

having some lunch before play time

Madeline was telling Carter about what she did on her first birthday. She’s much older (4 months) and wiser than this little one year old.

m: when i turned one, i let everyone ride my toys. c: move over girl, i need to get on the turtle.

Poppop was there to spoil him and let him grab things from the table. When did he get tall enough to grab on to the table?

popop? i neeeeed that orange bowl. right now.

We played some music on our djembe (drum on the left) and with our egg shakers and rhythm sticks.

shake it baby, shake it!

Then of course, there was cake smashing time!

why is there an enormous, flaming plate of food coming at me?

these blocks look like fun. i'm gonna knock them over.

ew. these blocks are sticky.

but i can eat them!

and they're so sweet!


my head is spinning from this deliciousness!

i need a huge hunk of this stuff asap

mom might figure out that i'm eating it and take it away like the bark chips at the park

who? me? no. i am not eating something sweet.

ah, who cares. i'm! so! excited!


ta da! i smashed that cake really well.

so proud of my accomplishments on my first birthday

mommy and daddy are so funny

the lpod survived year one!!!

After we smashed cake and were sufficiently on a sugar rush, we wrestled on the floor with Jack.

tackling jackosaurus

And of course we opened some presents from Grammy & Gramps.

this box is the best birthday present ever!

And then we got really tired and blah as we crashed from our sugar rush.

a sugar crash is oh-so-sweet

Being a mom is fun. It’s like you get to celebrate two birthdays each year, because celebrating for your munchkin is so special. Happy birthday booger!