December Redux: Part 1

2 01 2008

Before we headed out to the great state of Texas, we had some friends over for our first annual Christmas Ships Festival! When I lived on Lake Washington before we were married, the ships came to our dock, all my neighbors had parties and fun was had by all. This year we decided to start a new tradition and walk to Carkeek Park and watch the Christmas Carols by the water. Some friends joined us, and we had a great time! Unfortunately, some forgot their “muddy” shoes and others were very under the weather so we ended up driving to the park, which only provided us opportunity to roll down the windows and sing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs to the walkers in the park. I had a blast and Kathy taught us the 2nd verse to “Jingle Bells.” Pictures…

The house feeling festive before guests arrive:

Marmie’s Furniture - 3

Our Charlie Brown tree and some candles – don’t my grandmother’s buffet and china hutch (in previous and next picture) look beautiful?

Marmie’s Furniture - 2

The spread of food:

Marmie’s Furniture - 1

Kathy and Avra gabbing and eating before we head out on our adventure:

Hanging Out

Avra and Seamus on the beach, it was chilllllllly!

Avra and Seamus

Jana, Kathy, and Ashif hanging out on the beach sipping hot chocolate:

Jana Kathleen and Ashif

I said it was cold! I couldn’t hold still to get a picture of the boat that had the carolers on it, so – here it is:

Funky Ship

All of the Argosy ships on the cruise, does the one in back look familiar? Yes, that is the “I do” boat:

Argosy Ships

That was our fun Seattle Christmas!