Laughter Can Make Anything Better

9 01 2011

Well, it’s official. We’ve hit a rough patch. Carter has been awake about every two hours over the last four days/nights. Mommy is exhausted. Daddy is exhausted. Carter is…Carter. Definitely fussier than our normal happy guy, much less agreeable to being put down for naps and bedtime. But still laughing.

I took this video on Saturday afternoon. The laughter helped all of us get through the next night (even if there were tears from more than one member of the family in the middle of the night).

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Hot Dog?

31 10 2010

This guy.

not impressed

Who knew a little hot dog could be so cute? I laugh when I think about what CJ will say to me when he’s 16 and we look through these pictures (indulge me here, let’s pretend my future 16 year old boy will enjoy his mom’s company enough to look through old pictures with her) and he shakes his head with disgust at his first halloween costume.

only $1.50 including a fountain soda!

Things That Crack Me Up

12 09 2010

Random stuff found on the Internet. No clue where I got this, no clue when I got this, but it’s saved on my hard drive and cracks me up every time I come across it.

thanks for the laughs, internet


18 12 2009

Sometimes your situation is not as ‘big’ as you think…

strap that tree down!

I am officially done working for 2009, bring on some fantastic times with family and friends! Merry Christmas, all! See you in 2010.

I’m Very Busy

15 05 2008

If you need to get in touch with me, please send me a message on my blackberry.

Who could be calling me? I’m so busy.

I don’t have time for this, you people need to listen better!


One more text and I’ve gotta go.


I’m outta here, always on the run I am.