Halloween: it’s not just for kids anymore

31 10 2007

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”
– Cady, Mean Girls

Our neighbors decided to throw a lovely party on Saturday late night. While I was screeching and being angry over someone “doing their business” in my new front yard, Scott had to remind me several times about my shenanigans involving a certain partner in crime that lived with me in Dallas, who will remain nameless (she has a kid now, we don’t want him to have any ammo against her 😀 ). Ah, those were the days. The difference: we were all “of age,” oh and we were not generally dressed like we were on the way to a “gentleman’s club” for a night’s work.

There were probably 60 girls at this party, each more scantily clad than the previous. My summary:
7 in tight dresses and heels, with long blond wigs maybe Paris Hilton?
23 in some version of a little barmaid dress
5 in some bra/hot pant combo, literally covering only the required parts
3 in football jerseys and high heels (note: there was nothing else as part of the outfit)
4 referees in black short shorts, thank goodness our Big 12 refs don’t wear that uniform!
5 pirates (slutty pirate, yes, they actually sell a costume called ‘the slutty pirate’)
The rest? I got too overwhelmed. 🙂

What I couldn’t figure out is what were these girls? Only a handful of them were in an actual costume to “be” anything. The guys really brought the costume power: 2 bananas and one park ranger riding an ostrich. Most didn’t dress up, and showed up to oogle the ladies.

Sigh, Scott claimed I had turned “70” at some point over the last weekend. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to the little kids tonight. With their precious costumes, their pride in telling me what they are, and most of all their “thank you’s” when they get some candy. I can imagine that if they are “doing their business” in my front yard, it will be in a diaper…I can live with that.