Twelve Months

1 10 2011

We did it! We survived the first year. It’s so hard to believe, but our little man turned one year old.

i don't smile on command anymore

We’ve had a fun month getting ready for his big birthday and taking in the end of summer. Which has come to an abrupt end. Abruptly (heh).

you have to work really hard to get one

He’s always very busy making people laugh. He loves to fake a laugh to get your attention and make you laugh. Then comes his real giggles.

that is so not funny, mom. not gonna get a smile.

He’s been picking up the phone on one of his toys and holding it to his ear. Scott and I can’t figure out how he knows how to do this. He’s never seen a real phone handset. But he does it, so we play telephone often.

i think i'm done here.

He also loves to push little cars around and go “zhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Not sure where he learned that either? Amazing when little kids learn stuff they haven’t really been exposed to.

oh, look outside! let's go play. no more pictures.

He’s obsessed with closing doors. I think he got this because I’m always asking him to help me close doors around the house. Usually to unsafe places. If he feels like he’s helping he’s less likely to throw himself on the floor in a fit about me closing the door. When I’m getting his bath ready, he’ll hold on to the bathtub (if he lets go, he might have to get a diaper change and those are never a happy time for CJ) while reaching as far as he can to close the bathroom door. I guess he likes his privacy. He also goes into his room to play and will shut the door. Already locking mama out.

did you really put me back in this chair? i said no smiles.

Yes, that’s right. You saw me mention a tantrum above. I thought those were reserved for bratty two year olds? Apparently my kid is advanced in the tantrum department. Woweeeeee. Don’t close a drawer, door, or cabinet he is interested in exploring if you don’t want to hear about it. He’ll sit down on the floor and rest his face on the ground while screaming like some mean person kicked a bunch of puppies. D.R.A.M.A.

alright, i'll come get the camera from you.

Thankfully, he can be distracted easily out of a tantrum on most days. Because he needs to explore everything. He’s into everything. And he never stops moving. Sometimes, he’ll just spin around in circles on the floor while grunting. It’s so bizarre. What they say about boys is so true. They’re busy. And destructive. Nothing is allowed to be in it’s place in our house. Drawers are unloaded at least 3 times a day. All papers and books are wiped off every surface (he’s our junk mail manager). Toys are dumped upside down and emptied before moving on to the next one. He’s a hurricane!

no? fine. i'll just turn around.

He’s definitely getting more words. Buh Bye is his current favorite. If anyone opens our door or garage he starts waving and saying buh bye. He sometimes says “uhplan” instead of “bah” for airplane. He still repeats a lot of words really well, but tends to stop repeating them after too many times.

and climb on my cool chair.

He’s not the most vigorous eater in the bunch. He’d much rather be playing and running around. Thankfully, he had some good reserves of chub to keep him sustained (hehe). He still loves broccoli and spinach. His favorite food is mac and cheese or any kind of pasta. He’ll tolerate some meat. My fail safe is goat’s milk cheddar cheese. Even when he gets tired of it, he’ll still have a few bites. Lately, he’s become obsessed with plain greek yogurt mixed with a little bit of cinnamon.

one more picture. but you still can't make me laugh.

Twelve Month Stats
height: 30 3/4″ (90%)
weight: 22lbs, 11.5oz (50%)
head: 48.5″ (95%)
we got a charlie brown on our hands, folks!
10 teeth (yikes, two molars have come in!)
speed crawler and cruiser
standing well on his own, but not really interested in taking those first steps

This year has been the most insane year of my life. I have a feeling, I’ll say that every year from here on out. Who knew this little man would change my world so much? He makes me cry sometimes, but he makes me smile more often. Most of all, he makes me so very proud. It’s so fun to watch him grow and change and interact with other people. He’s so trusting and innocent and curious and kind. I pray he continues to be curious, sweet, and of course, always dancing.

month by month - carter joe's first year

Thank you for the best year, little guy. I love you, mama.

Eleven Months

4 09 2011

Well, another month has passed. Our little friend is now 11 months old. He’s full of it. He loves to talk, scream (happy and angry), crun (crawl/run) and dance. This kid LOVES to dance. A drum circle in the park (oh, how Seattle)? Grooving till he falls over. I blow my nose? He’s got moves for it. Dancing fills every day, and I love it!

mom, why do i have to sit still in this chair?

He also loves spinning things. It’s kind of hard to go to the park these days because all he wants to do is chase strollers (for their awesome wheels). He attacks them. It’s funny, but annoying to the owners of said strollers.

i prefer to be on the move

He has had his eyes on the fan for eleven months. If I accidentally have it off during a nap, he won’t sleep well. It needs to be spinning.

making sure the fan is still running properly

Throwing his head back in general is funny. Especially when he has a mouth full of food. Mommy thinks it is hilarious when he chokes on his dinner because he needs to be throwing his head back.

and throwing my head back until i fall over

He now has his word for airplane. It’s “ba.” He’ll hear an airplane, stop whatever he is doing, and point while buzzing with his mouth and saying “ba! ba!” It’s kind of amazing that he does this even when we are inside the house.

you have me for a few more seconds. i need to go move furniture in the living room

We read a book called “Little Hands Love” every night before bed. It’s one he’s always liked and is short enough to keep his attention in that rough period right before going down to bed. I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that he tries to position his hands like the little chubby baby hands in the book. He’ll survey their hands, touch the page and then look at his hands as he tries to put them in that position. So cool to see his little brain chugging.

and empty all of your kitchen drawers, lick everything and then move on to the office

He’s generally a really funny guy. He makes a lot of smirky-like faces at you. Usually when you’re making a total buffoon of yourself in public to make him laugh or smile. He just smirks like “ha. look at what i can make my mom do. i’m not even one yet!”

ok. one more month of this sitting still for a few seconds, ok? ok.

Eleven Months
30ish inches
24.5 pounds
8 teeth
words: mama, dada, ba (airplane), yeyow (yellow), popop, ball, haha (what’s a monkey say? ooh ooh ah ah ah = haha).
frustrated crawler wishing he was walking
pushing his cart while walking
standing on his own, but not realizing it yet
his sleep is better. but not piper-style yet (who am I kidding? he will never be a piper-style sleeper)
favorite foods: macaroni + goat cheese sauce, purple cauliflower (green and orange are tolerated), broccoli,  blueberries, plain greek yogurt with vanilla & cinnamon, strawberries, sun nut butter on toast, smoothies with yogurt+spinach+wheatgerm+blueberries+strawberries+cantaloupe.

Ten Months

3 08 2011

Where is summer going? Where is this kid’s first year going?? Carter turned 10 months old! He has changed so so much in the last month. It’s really hard to believe only a month has passed.

He is now a master of crawling. He has a funny way of acting like he’s just wandering around checking things out. Then he looks over his shoulder to see where I am. When he thinks he has a clear chance he takes off as fast as he can for area 51 (bathroom, stairs, wires…zones of the house that are usually closed off and completely off limits). When he senses that I’ve caught on and am chasing him he cracks up and speeds up.

He LOVES to pull up on everything. As he pulls up, he then lifts one of his legs in an attempt to climb whatever he is pulling on. He has succeeded a few times. My mom said he’s going to be that kid that is on top of the refrigerator one day when I walk into the kitchen.

His hemangioma still looks to be about the same size as it was last month. Some days it’s barely noticeable, and others it’s angry and purple. Staying the same size is good news as it means it might be done growing and begin it’s journey into invisible.

CJ is obsessed with wheels. OBSESSED. Anything that spins can grab his attention for a good, long while. He will flip over anything with wheels and inspect and spin. For hours if I let him. That includes his stroller.

He is still terrified of cows and all of their sounds.

He’s still a pretty terrible sleeper, waking at least once per night for a feeding. At some point in the next two months this has to stop. It might get a little ugly in our house during the month of September. I might need a shoulder to cry on coach for those days/weeks.

He is hilarious. He loves to make people laugh and will work for it if he thinks it will work.

His favorite food is goat cheese (his reflux doesn’t handle cow’s milk so well yet) with broccoli or salmon coming in at a close 2nd. He loves sipping water out of a straw, in fact it’s the only way he’ll drink anything.

He has said (but doesn’t always say): mama, dada, poppop, high five, ball, and bye. He blows kisses. He waves goodbye to EVERYONE. Getting off the plane the other day was comedy as he waved to every single person.

Most of all, he’s just a sweet boy. He coos and laughs and smiles non stop. He still loves a little bit of snuggling and giving hugs and kisses.

ten months
23 pounds
7 teeth (another one on it’s way in)
perfectly sweet

Nine Months

1 07 2011

My little buddy turned 9 months old on July 1. It’s so hard to believe. Call me cliché, but whoa. WHERE does time go?

why do we do this every month mom?

He’s just turned into a big kid. Who loves to sit in his big kid chair. He pushes back on it to see if it rocks for him.

don't you know i have skills to master?

But mostly, he poses for pictures. It’s pretty funny that he’s so agreeable to pictures.

seriously? did you see me crawl into the hallway today??

The click of the camera (over and over and over again) had him dancing at one point. He LOVES to dance. Sometimes, I think the music plays in his head as he just shakes it like no other. He rolls his whole body and sometimes throws his head into it. It’s pure awesome.

how about when i pulled up on the coffee table?

He also loves to give kisses. BIG kisses. He’s been kinda smooching all along, but this is the real deal. He makes the noises that go with it. And beware, you will get soaked. But it’s the best soaking ever. If I never have makeup on the right side of my face again, so be it. I will never refuse a Carter kiss.

and pulled 2 weeks worth of mail off?

He’s crawling like a maniac. He started crawling a bit in Texas, but it really picked up when he got home. Now when he cruises around a corner or leaves a room he starts laughing uncontrollably. I think I’m in trouble. This boy likes having independence and freedom (takes after his mama?). 😦

and tried to eat it! yummy mail.

I’ve been trying to teach him some sign language for very basic communication since 6 months. He usually just laughs at me when I say “all done” while shaking my hands at him. Just the other day instead of laughing at me he just said “all done.” Just like that. Then the next day? Unprompted. “All done!” Whoa. Slow down, kid!

are you telling everyone about how cute i am?

His other favorite words are:

i can make some faces

His last favorite words are actually done in a song. He’ll just sing to you all day if you sing with him. It’s the sweetest sound ever.

and ham it up with my teeth

His favorite thing to do these days is make a big goofy grin at you. Teeth and all. When he does this he breathes quickly in and out of his nose. He thinks he is hilarious when he does this. If he’s sitting on the floor he kicks his feet in and out while doing this mess of activity.

or i can be serious and scare everyone

He is also pulling up on everything. I mean everything. I am so behind the curve on babyproofing my house. He’s pulled a tall speaker down on himself, slipped while pulling up on the rocking chair, and just face planted (wearing jammies on the hardwood floors while crawling) into the tv cabinet. Oops. Mom of the year nomination #5. He survived. And I’m working on figuring out what will be next on his list of destroying/hurting him before he knows it.

wait, we're in the playroom. why pictures again?

But we’ve made a lot more progress on  his playroom downstairs. Hopefully, he’ll just hang down there more often.

are you kidding me?

He’s eating mostly big boy food. I still need to do a lot of purees as he needs the calories (yep, you heard it). But his favorite foods are:
blueberries, broccoli, pasta with olive oil, filet mignon (oh my, what have I done?), salmon, and if I let him have it: cheese.

do you see this earth i need to travel?

He is a terrible sleeper. Just terrible. We had a brief period where he slept 13 hours a night. Even if he skipped naps, 13 hours, no questions asked. For the last 2 months or so, he’s been waking AT LEAST by 4am. Mostly though, 3-4 times a night. Needless to say, this mama is purely exhausted. We’re working on it with his pediatrician and trying to figure out why, but we think he is hungry.

i gotta go, mom. two more seconds

Yeah. HUNGRY. My chunky monkey has actually lost weight in the last couple of months and gained a total of less than a pound since his 6 month appointment.

that's it

He’s still apparently 29″ long, 20lb 8.5oz and his head is 47cm round. Our little blockhead.

i said two more seconds

Regardless of his waking and poor napping, this is one happy kid. He’s thriving and happy. He laughs ALL the time. Most days when we’re driving in the car, it will be completely silent and then I’ll hear this giant outburst from him. He’s just laughing away. He does this at home all the time too. He has an amazingly sweet personality and loves people.

i'm outta here

We’re the luckiest parents ever. Love you, sweet CJ.

Eight Months

1 06 2011

Well, Mr. CJ is 8 months old. I used to think time moved too quickly. But I didn’t have a ruler. Holy toledo, do I have a ruler. I had a blob 8 months ago. A little sweet, squeaky, hungry, sleepy, sweetest-blob on the planet. Now I have a wild baby.

so happy to sit in his chair

Our little man is growing up way too fast! He’s developing quite the personality. He’s sweet. Most of the time. He’s opinionated. Often. He’s wild and funny and perfect for this mama. But he also has a big sense of humor. He finds laughs in just about anything. Slobbering on mommy’s face? Funny.

mommy's new favorite picture

Doing it over and over again with a smooching sound? HILARIOUS!

what's so funny?

Faking a tummy ache so mommy will pick you up? Awesome. Ok. I’m kidding about that.

i have a tummy ache. i think i shall fall out of this chair now.

He’s a tough guy! And he means business.

you don't believe me? i will do it.

He does have a serious side. But it’s only when he’s staring at something he wants. He’ll stare down anything trying to use “the force” to get it to come straight to him.

i fell. we cried. now we'll sit on the floor.

I haven’t told him the force is really just his mama helping him out.

and look like an angel

And he’s going to have to learn to crawl and get it himself. He doesn’t seem all that disappointed though. He just can’t figure out what to do with his leg. One of his legs just will not move back behind him! He’ll reach and reach and eventually, face plant. Scott and I have a running bet on when he’ll be crawling. My money is on late June. Scott thinks it will be before June 15. 🙂

Last week, I started cutting up fruit for him instead of pureeing it. He still loves his purees and is like a little bird with his mouth open waiting for the next bite. He really loves practicing eating (I can see him practicing his pincher function in the monitor when he should be sleeping). He’ll pick up random stuff from nowhere and pretend to put “it” in his mouth. I remember cousin Piper doing this all the time when she visited last August. It’s one of my favorite little things to watch. Here you can see one of his blueberry adventures…

He’s also figured out how much he likes to move. He’s quite the dancer. Sometimes with no music, but usually when one of his toys starts playing songs. He breaks out in a huge smile and does his little dance where he moves from his hips.

He also loves to practice kissing. All those little girls can wait. He’s mine for now. If I kiss his cheek, he’ll reciprocate. Then he pulls back and gives me a huge smile and goes back for another smooch. I truly do think I’m the luckiest woman on earth when I get those kisses. It’s kind of hard, because a part of me wants to wipe off the mess. But the other part of me knows in a few short years I’ll yearn for that sweet boy to kiss his mama!

Dadadadadadadada is the phrase of the day. Every day. He can be mid meal and pull around and say “dadadadadadadada!” This kid loves his dad. Those weeks when Scott is at school are interesting. Carter just looks around and calls out for him over and over. But he’ll play coy when dad returns. It is so fun to watch those two.

Lastly, this kid has six teeth! Two more on the bottom popped up last week. They’ve been (very slowly) making their way up, giving this kid some chompers.

eight months
30.5″ long
22 pounds
rolling like a maniac
trying so hard to crawl

my little carter joe