24 03 2009

I was headed to the nursery last Saturday morning to track down a few of the plants that will be safe to plant in this “winter is officially over, but not really at all” period we call early spring. I’ve been obsessing over our side yard. It’s pretty visible and chock full of nasty weeds. The previous owner was a fan of purchasing the wild flower packets and just tossing them around over there. Fun.

I’ve spent about 10 hours in the side yard weeding and cleaning out the beds in the last week, I have about 1/4 of it left. But I couldn’t help myself. I planted some ground cover in a space too small to grow anything productive and some ranunculus (like my mom’s) in the most visible part. I’ll try to remember to snap some pictures tomorrow when I’m out there.

Anyway, I’m full of distractions, aren’t I?

I got “lost” on the way to the nursery. The mountains were calling my name and I drove all through a beautiful neighborhood trying to find the perfect place to stop for a picture. An hour later, I made it to the nursery. An hour after that, I left. Feeling satisfied, but without purchasing a thing. I love browsing the nursery.


olympic mountains from blue ridge


that edge of a yard is inspiring. i want a weeping miniature tree!

 Ok. Back to … what was I doing again?

The Brothers

26 09 2007

A double peak mountain in the Olympic Mountain Rangeat Sunset. Snapped this on the way to dinner in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle. My camera was just slow enough that I missed the sun dipping behind the mountains by a nano-second.