Oh, LPOD! Why Didn’t You Call?

20 02 2009

Good grief. Orcas have been spotted about 3-4 miles from our house this afternoon. King 5 has some video of them trouncing around taking in the sunshine in the sound today. That kind of excitement calls for a stoppage of work and a speed rush to the beach. But they didn’t call to warn me. I had to read about it on the news. Sigh.

So, maybe it wasn’t really L-pod, but it was some happy pack of Orcas. Even new babies in tote. Guess who’s spending the remainder of this beautiful, sunny weekend at the beach?

lime kiln state park - july 2007

lime kiln state park - july 2007

Orca Update: Albino Orcas?

15 03 2008

My friend Slatrat sent me a very interesting article that indicates scientists have finally spotted and managed to photograph the elusive white orca in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands! Just one more reason to get up to the Anchorburg again sometime soon. As if hanging out with slatrat & skiboy and maybe getting a dose of Chicken & Sea Scallops from Sack’s isn’t enough reason.

 You can read more about the scientist’s findings on whether or not the whale is in fact albino or just a little differently colored from his more standard black & white buddies at the Anchorage Daily News’s website. The image below is from the article, compliments of adn.com.

L-Pod Come Back!!

29 01 2008

Squeeeeeee! My blog namesake has been spotted in California. I guess they were fed up with the weather in Western Washington. The L pod (resident Puget Sound killer whales) was spotted feeding in California this week. The real reason is likely due to our Washington feeding areas being low on salmon 😦 I could direct them to the place just a couple of miles from here where we watched the salmon run, but somehow I don’t think that will be fresh or hearty enough for them.

I hope this is a freak shortage of salmon and not a sign of things to come for our beautiful Washington waters. What will I do if I can’t go see my guys next summer in the San Juan Islands?

A lovely picture from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:


11 08 2007

For at least a year, I’ve wanted to create a blog. I felt so limited and constrained by what in the world I would name my blog. Well, Lpod it is. We just returned from a fantastic trip to the San Juan Islands where we spent some time at a favorite state park. As we arrived the L pod was on their way to the park. I ran (in a dress) as fast as I could down the trail to the beach. Here are a few of the photos I snapped while there. I guess it is fitting if you knew me and my friend Karmonocky back in 1989.

Breathtaking San Juan SunsetComing Up For Air