The “Joys” of Homeownership

30 09 2007

We woke up to a really chilly, rainy Sunday morning. That usually means a long breakfast, cups of coffee and lingering over the paper while watching the Seahawks game. Well. We got part of that today. We have a known leak in the roof, that we are in progress of having fixed, this is our first sustained rain in the house.

As we were having our breakfast, Scott points out that there is a “bubble” in the paint in the kitchen. Uhoh.


I poke a hole in it to relieve it, while Scott climbs into the attic. Too bad, the space where the water is coming in is too short to put a bucket or even a pan. So, we figure it’s time for a stop-gap solution…

On the Roof Again

Yep, that is him. My hero…on the roof…in a downpour. Nailing heavy duty plastic to the leaky part of the roof. Probably not the longest term solution, but it seems it is slowing the leak until the roofer can find his way to our house. In the meantime, I am cleaning up the mess inside and quite sad my little kitchen (which I cleaned yesterday) is so dirty:

Sad Leak

And he is busy rigging up some fans in the attic to dry out the insulation and beams.

In the Attic

I still can’t complain, I don’t have a “river of poo” running through my yard…at least we all have a good sense of humor and realize that it will all get fixed. 🙂 Happy Sunday everyone!