Seahawks vs. Patriots

14 12 2008
Well, the bright side of the Seahawks being kind of (ok, really) terrible this year is that the regular people can get affordable tickets! A co-worker of Scott’s offered up some season tickets to us for last week’s Patriots game – excellent seats!
Scott scoffs at the claims to the 12th Man. He calls it the 11.5 Man – while it is loud at Qwest Field, it doesn’t hold a candle to good ole Kyle Field. The silver lining of the use of 12th Man is the royalties TAMU gets every time it’s used.
Hawks taking the field…
At half time, the Blue Thunder and Sounders Football Club band unveiled the new FC jerseys! The city is very excited about our new football (er…Soccer) club.
We hopped out at the end of halftime for hot dogs and saw a familiar boat floating around in front of the port of Seattle cargo terminals.
We had a great time, even if we led the whole game and threw it away in the last 2 minutes. Whatever. The perpetual cheerleader in me still screamed for the hawks!




Good Season Hawks!

12 01 2008

Well, we lost. Horribly. With our hopes at their highest two minutes into the game, we REALLY thought we might win yesterday’s game against the Green Bay Packers. I think nothing is going to stop Brett Favre this year – except maybe the perfect Patriots.

The first two minutes of the game, the Packers turned over the ball twice, leading to a 14-0 Seahawks lead. Well, after that our offense was a bit chilly in the 25 degree weather with snow.

Even Kristian’s hand-made from a drink coaster voodoo dolls could do nothing to prevent Grant (the offender of the first two fumbles) from scoring and running for over 200 yards. Sigh.

Seahawks FanKKRDolls

All in all, it was a really fun season and we can’t wait for the 2008 season – Go Seahawks. And now, we cheer for Favre to win that championship!!