January Sleep Study

31 01 2011

As you may have read, we ran into some sleep issues and I called in Mimi to control her boy. Actually, my sweet mom offered to come help me so I could get some rest. I even slept until 10am one day! Carter got some much needed snuggle time with Mimi and all was right with the world again.

what? me? i've not been causing any trouble.

I’m sure this is the first of many confusing “what happened to my sweet baby” moments. But it was brutal with a capital B. Thankfully, we’re back to long sleep cycles. The last four nights have been 12.5 hours minus a little dream feed. I’m knocking wood. Right now. Because I know that with each minute, he could wake up sick, hungry, or just wanting to hang out with mommy and daddy. All night. You hear that kid? I know it’s temporary. But keep it up! For the next 17.5 years!

uhoh! who brought in mimi? can you get my mommy under control, she wants to sleep through the night.

While Mimi was here, we decided to put together the exersaucer. The kid went cross-eyed (see below). It’s kind of funny. With all of his big toys, his main focus on the first few days is the arms that hold up the cool stuff.

ten whole milestones!

He’d still rather snuggle with mimi.

mimi and her boy

Oh! In the midst of all this craziness, he learned a few things: he’s rolling over from his front to back and almost his back to front. He’s mastered grabbing both feet… so sayonara cute socks. We should just plan to have mixed socks from now on as he loves to tug them off and chuck ’em. But who cares? Look at those chunky thighs! So adorable.

chunky monkey

Alas, Mimi had to go home. We were so thankful for her help and got some much needed rest, a date night with my hubby, and some good chat time with one of my favorite people on this planet. Love you momma (sm).