Things that make me smile

15 06 2010

Daydreaming. Scott picked up a tuscan cantaloupe at the store on Sunday. I just sliced it and it was perfect. I love a perfect piece of fruit. It made me daydream about our first meal in Rome. We were really intimidated by the language as it was both our first trip to Europe. We arrived in Rome at 11pm so we went straight to bed that night and woke up around 11am to take on the day. It was about 98° and we were pretty jet lagged. We decided our first adventure should be food. We roamed around, looking for places that might be friendlier to jet lagged American tourists because we knew we’d stumble and end up using a lot of spanish instead of italian. After peeking in several places we settled on one.

I ordered buffalo mozzarella and tomato, Scott ordered proscuitto e melone. Oh my goodness, my world was changed forever. It’s like the juiciest, sweetest Pecos melon you’ve ever had with the most perfect thin slice of salty ham/bacon you’ve ever tasted. My mom salted her cantaloupe when we were growing up and I thought she was weird for it. I so get it now. We looked at all the tables around us and the business men, ladies lunching, mothers with older daughters were all drinking carafes of chilled white wine. We ordered one too. It was such a perfect meal and opened the door to some of the best food either of us had ever eaten.

When we drove from Rome to Corsanico (a very small village up north, in Tuscany), we passed fields and fields of cantaloupe. The smell was intoxicating.

That time may qualify as my favorite 3 weeks in life.

our "clean out the fridge" feast for our last night at the villa

Things that make me smile

11 06 2010

Abby’s unabashed love for Scott.

a quick goodbye from one of our visits